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GoogaBar allows your to buy drinks for anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Partnering with hundreds of bars locally and tens of thousands nationwide, GoogaBar makes it easy for you to send drinks to your friends, family, and even that sexy person you've always wanted to talk to. Here's how it works:

  • Pick the person you want to send drinks to and the establishment to hook them up at.
  • Choose the number of drinks to give them and include a personal message if you want.
  • Pay via PayPal and your friend is immediately notified about their free drinks!
  • They receive a certificate to redeem at the local business. And the party begins!

Share drinks for birthdays, special occasions, or even as a friendly hello. To see what local bars offer Give-A-Drink, just click on GoogaBar in the menu at the top!

If you're a bar, club, or restaurant owner and would like more info on Send-A-Drink, click here.

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