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* We're looking to work with intelligent and motivated people in cities all across the US.
* Currently we're recruiting sales executives to join our team.
* Our compensation is COMPETITIVE, the environment is EXCITING, and most importantly the job is FUN. A sales background is not necessary but may help.
* If you're professional, outgoing, and want to be part of something special - contact us today!

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A little about the job...
This position is all about talking with local venues: bars, clubs, restaurants, bowling alleys, sports bars, etc. Virtually any environment with a bar is a candidate. We want more venues from EVERYWHERE to join us on GoogaBar. We offer our partner venues an innovative, powerful, and complete marketing system. We're like Facebook for the night life - only cooler. We're like a supercharged Twitter. We're everything that a venue NEEDS to market themselves EFFECTIVELY today. Can you help GoogaBar to successfully expand into your area?

We're a startup. We're offering this opportunity as an independly contracted sales position. The pay is commission based. Working hard results in earning more! Advancement opportunities are available if you prove yourself!

Focus & Responsibilities
- be able to speak clearly and present GoogaBar in a professional manner
- be able to set appointments and follow-up meetings and adhere to a schedule
- be able to positively utilize phone, mail, email, AND in person communications
- be outgoing, friendly, and have a strong desire to succeed and grow

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